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My Website is Blocked by ESET!

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My website URL: hxxp://universaladbdriver.com/
Literally there are only 3 pages on the website & 2 usb drivers. i.e universaladbdriver_v1.0.zip & universaladbdriver_v1.0.zip.
File 1 URL: hxxp://universaladbdriver.com/dl/universaladbdriver_v1.0.zip
File 2 URL: hxxp://universaladbdriver.com/dl/universaladbdriver_v2.0.zip
Now, I have scanned both files with eset smart security & virustotal but nothing is found. But still eset blocked the website. 
May I know the reason of blocking it?
Im a Eset user from 3 years. and why would I share malware? And if my drivers have any malicious code then I will fix it. Will you please scan it and let me know the reason of blocking it?
NOTE: I've already contacted eset team 4 days back but didnt got any reply. What should I do now?

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