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Mail security trial issues

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Hello, i requested trial license for ESET Mail security. Installed it on centos 6.8 by following this document hxxp://download.eset.com/manuals/eset_ems_45_userguide_enu.pdf

As it writes in 4. Installation, i ran

sh ./esets.x86_64.rpm.bin

It did not asked me if i want to enable samples submission.

I imported the .lic file, added username and password in esets.cfg, started the service and verified it is running.


On esets_setup execution it displayed :


There are no automated installations for File Servers,
see the guide in /opt/eset/esets/share/doc for general instructions.



I never asked for File Servers, i want trial of Mail Security.

It seems my trial license EAV-00275004 was issued for the wrong product.


How can i setup mail security for Postfix in this case?

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