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Pleased to see this new release is working fine with Windows 10 insider build 14385 :)


A good job ESET.

Seeing this post I decided to try it also. Seems to be running fine. I couldn't take Windows Defender anymore. It kept lagging my machine while it was scanning files. This is much better.

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need to fix eset 10 beta 


update problem


fix ip detection sometime dont whant like to detect ip 

fix dns detection some times not detect dns 





just helping



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  • ESET Insiders

Updated from ESSPa to 10.171.0 and got a problem:

On the Home Screen there is a green field with INTIALIZING PROTECTION ... it runing forever and nothing is happened

SETUP bookmark got 1 red - Internet Protection marked RED - not All required internet protection features are active. Goes inside IP and get: Red marked radio button Anti-Phishing protection. If i tried to switch button  i got drop down menu with only on choice - Disable permanently. And there is another text next to: Non functional. To to use this funstionality please ENABLE : Web access protection. ENABLE is udelined actualy it is a link to start eeclnt.exe module. But nothing happened when i run it.

In Advanced setup i have no Network or Internet or Web Access protection settings. There are only AntiVirus Tools User Interface 

Tried to uninstall using ESET Unistaller. Install from scratch ver  - but still got the same problem: No network\Internet\Web protection

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