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BSOD on Win 10 w/9.0.381.0


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Recently upgraded from Win 7 64-bit to Win 10 64-bit.  I have eSet installed along with the Comodo firewall. After reinstallation, I've been occasionally seeing BSOD on boot in inspect.sys (Comodo).  Working with the Comodo team analyzing memory dumps and they are suspicious that there's some type of interaction issue w/eSet.  After uninstalling Comodo, I got one BSOD that the Comodo team reviewed and said was in eSet (ekrnAmon.dll).


I'm running Win 10 (10.0.10586 and eSet 9.0.381.0).  I have a memory dump if anyone from eSet would like inspect it.


One other point.  The evening I planned on doing the Win10 upgrade, eSet refused to start on Win7 even after multiple reboots.  After upgrading to Win10, eSet has installed and run without incident.

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