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Good job on breaking my deployments ESET

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So I get a call that ESET smart security deployments are no longer working.


I check the logs and the package is no longer available.


I ended up rebuilding all 5 of our deployment tasks to use the newer clients.... but I have no clue if they will break our software.  So now I have to explain that we have limited choices if we want to use the current deployment set in ERA.


Stupid, Stupid, Stupid  ESET.



ESET Remote Administrator should:

  • give me the ability to always deploy the latest
  • give me the ability to AUTOMATICALLY keep a local copy of the deployment if it includes a package



A less desirable option would be to:

  • FIX your deployment scripts to notify an Admin that the package is no longer available and that my selecting YES, the newer replacement package will be used 




Breaking deployments because you have something newer and better is not acceptable in an enterprise environment.   WE are responsible for the software we deploy. Taking packages away is NOT acceptable. 



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  • ESET Staff

Hello mackintire,


All three of your suggested steps / fixes are already on the road-map for the future ERA versions. First issue was for a longer discussion with Legal, due to possibilities of EULA changes between product versions. This will be solved by the step you have suggested (invalidation of task & notification tight to that one). We are in the process of designing another way, how EULAs are handled, which will allow us to deliver "always use the newest" version.

Secondly, we will provide local repository for ERA, where you will have full control, over the versions (this one is coming together with the EULA change) in ERA 6.5 (December 2016). On top of that, we are going to adjust our internal processes, related to repository updates, so we will keep at least 2 versions (newest + one older) of a specific product version in the online repository of ERA, so the older version is not automatically removed, as soon as the newer one is released.


As I have explained in the other thread, this time we have removed the 6.3 packages due to planned release of ERA 6.4, which will bring long awaited "package generation option", however that would be supported only with the Endpoint 6.4 and not older. We are sorry for that.

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So basically ESET considers their EULA more important than having a good, easy to use product? That is just sad.


If Microsoft and other major software companies can make their software and upgrades deployable without requiring EULA acceptance every time, then so can ESET. Stop making your product more difficult to use, that is the opposite of what technology is supposed to do.

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  • ESET Insiders

As MichalJ already stated, all 3 fixes are in the works, and should be available later this year. I guess that you can use the package installer as a fix too depending on how you deploy Eset. It should be available within a week or 2

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