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I got a virus file and website


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Hello and sorry If I post in wrong topic.
I found the website that release trojan file
after you click it will hide and run in background process. it try to connect to outside and ESET just spam a lot message without deleting it so After that I end it and eset just suspicious it as a bot
Here is website : hxxp://horo-game.com/assassins-creed-syndicate-fix-lag-freeze-slows/
Try to connect and sent data to this site : hlamydosa.film
ESET can't find it after scan whole computer

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hello, and welcome to the forum.


my advise is not to download files of unknown origin or purpose. even if you download something that looks suspicious, don't double-click/run it. it might be a simple and harmless app or a malicious application that can record and send to the developer/hacker everything you type, and as a result it will steal all your passwords to the websites you visit. (email, bank, facebook, etc.)


i'm sure now that you reported it, Eset will take care of it.


next time follow these articles to try and remove the virus/malicious app from your pc, or report it to the Eset Team.





also don't forger to make regular backups to an external hard drive to minimize the possibility of losing important data.

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