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ESET Smart Security Slowing down my internet connection, please help

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Hello I am having big issue with ESS since I have updated to windows 10 ( 64 - bit ). I have 100mbit internet connection ( download speed ). 


Once I install ESS my Internet connection is halved and not stable. When I uninstall ESS everything is OK.

When I install ESS again everything is working OK but after restart the problem is back and persist until I uninstall ESS again.


My LAN adapter is : Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller ( latest driver with latest SW )


Please help me I am desperate.


Many thanks in advance.




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How did you measure the connection speed? If you download the same large file 3 times, first with the firewall enabled, then with the firewall disabled and again with the firewall enabled, is the download time always as twice as long as without the firewall enabled?

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Hello and thank you for the reply. I am using speedtest.net and netmeter.eu to test the connection speed. This was always reliable to me.

However I have tried what you wrote here and with the same result. Disabling firewall didn't help. The connection is unstable in terms speed is jumping from 25 to 60 max Mbits.


But once ESS is uninstalled I am back on 97.5 Mbits STABLE.

I have also tried to uninstall the LAN driver with SW Killer Network Manager which should control and prioritize speed, and installed only newest driver. Also without change.

And also I have tried the new beta ESET Internet Security v.10 without change.


So this speed issues are caused by ESS with combination of Windows 10 but have no idea why, it was working perfectly with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 ( all the time same HW configuration )


I can't use ESS anymore this is a blocker for me. :( I am so desperate.

Any help will be appreciated.


Many thanks.

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Hello again. I have ESET Smart Security English version 64-bit, SW version: 9.0.381.0, Database: 13709 ( Latest )

Windows details: Windows 10 Pro ENG 64-bit, Version: 1511, OS Build: 10586.420


Thank you.

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