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Eset smart security automatically deleted all .exe files

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  I'm working in Mobile Service business.I have 5 PCs in my work office all of them running original ESET smart security but have different operating systems.From last 2 days antivirus started deleting all my .exe files related to my GSM business but pc software installation are not touched.It happened on all my pcs and never had such problem before.Can you please help me? 

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1, ESET is known for extremely low number of actual false positives so it's unlikely to be FP.

2, Files are not deleted automatically; a copy of the original file should always be placed in quarantine so that you can restore it in the event of a false positive.


Unfortunately you didn't mention the detection name which might shed more light. I'd suggest emailing a couple of detected files to samples@eset.com in an archive protected with the password "infected".

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