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Product Activation task failed

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I try to activate antivirus license for remote client from ESET Administrator server. 

Activation fails without any error in trace field. 

Is it possible to install license for remote computers outside of my network? (this scheme hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3304/?locale=en_US) 

Why does the trace message field is empty? Where can I find the reason of failed license activation?


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After updating of Eset agent to the latest version I receive the following error in trace message: Task failed in the security product.

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  • ESET Staff

That trace message means, that ESET product was not able to activate, however task was correctly delivered to the product itself.


What product is installed? 

Have you tried the activation locally, on the affected client, using either License Key, or Security Admin account credentials?


What is important, is that the client is able to contact ESET licensing servers at https://edf.eset.com/edf(you can access the link from the web browser on the target computer). If it opens the xml, then it works, if it fails, there are connection problems. 


Also, license should be issued for the product, you are trying to activate (or superior product / bundle, that has the rights to activate that application). 


Most activation issues are related to proxy server placed in the network infrastructure, which is not configured in the ESET product settings (procut can not reach the activation servers).

Second largest set is related to not-updated OS, which has not the newest root certificates, which are needed in order allow client trusting ESET activation servers. 

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