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License Count Incorrect

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I recently have cleaned out 20-30 old computers from ERA, but noticed that the count of units used has not decreased on the License Management page.

The number of licenses it says are used greatly exceeds the number of machines I have connected to ERA. Currently on v6.3 across the board, and the licenses in question are for Endpoint AV for Windows. 

I have not had a problem with this in the past. I've also tried synchronizing the license count several times, but nothing changes. 


Any suggestions/known issues?

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  • ESET Staff

Compared to ERA V5, V6 products are using a Cloud-powered licensing, where each of the seats is licensed towards ESET Licensing Authority service, which is cloud based. Computers are then syncing with the licensing authority, to get updates when license parameters are changed. ERA only displays the data from the licensing authority (which has its own portal, ESET License Administrator - https://ela.eset.com)


When you remove computers from ERA, it does not decrease the license count automatically (we are going to change the behavior for the future versions of ERA, where upon deleting computers, it will ask you, if you want to de-activate them. But this is not included in ERA 6.3 & 6.4 which is about to be released soon). 


What you have to do (or what you should have done before deleting them), was once computers were in ERA, was to use the context action to perform "deactivate products".

This would contact ESET Licensing servers, and manually deactivate the specific product instances.

As of now, you have to login to ESET License Administrator, using your License Key, and ELA password (or using your security admin credentials, if you have used them) and manually deactivate the instances which are no longer connecting to ELA.


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