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Integrating ESET for Business with Faronics Deep Freeze

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Hi all,


I am looking into new AV solutions for the School Board I work for, and I have always been a fan of Eset's Nod32 AV and use it on my personal devices. The biggest issue we have with any of the AV solutions we have tried is that we need them to integrate with Faronics Deep Freeze. (hxxp://www.faronics.com/products/deep-freeze/enterprise/) Deep Freeze is a great product, but their AV is not. The issue is that Deep Freeze locks down the system drive, and after every reboot the system drive reverts to its original state, so any AV updates have to be re-downloaded after every reboot. What I am looking for is an AV solution that is centrally managed, and one where you can change where AV definitions are stored. Deep Freeze can create a hidden thaw space on the system drive that is not effected by Deep Freeze, this is how their own AV product handles updates. Any info appreciated.



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I reckon that Deep Freeze allows for creating exceptions. In such case, exclude the C:\ProgramData\ESET so that changes in this folder will be preserved.

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