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Different Version numbers being displayed ESET vs CtrlPanel

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Just updated from v9.0.377.0 to v9.0.381.0 and after a successful update restarted the system.


The ESET panel shows the updated version (9.0.381.0) while Programs and Features in the Control Panel shows the old version number.


After noticing the above discrepancy, I noticed that the ESET icon in the taskbar was indicating that the MS monthly updates were available. I performed those updates and when completed, along with a required restart, I check the Control Panel again. Still showing the old EST version number.




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I decided to uninstall the app but the system (Windows 10) would not allow it because the ESET display menu showed it as being version 9.0.381.0 while the Control Panel (also reflected in the Registry) as being version 9.0.377.0.

Before contacting Support I decided to try a Repair install from the Control Panel. That worked. ESET Smart Security display was now showing it to be version 9.0.377.0.

I downloaded a fresh copy of the full blown installer for 9.0.381.00 and ran the install followed by a restart.

Now, everything is showing the version to be 9.0.381.0.

However, what I find strange is that the old version was shown as being 254 MB in size while the newer version is displayed as being 129 MB in size. Big difference.

I'll contact Support to get their views.


[Edited 2016.06.16 to report on installation size: Tech Support has confirmed that the size of 9.0.381.0 is 129MB. There is no idea why 9.0.377.0 showed as being 254MB. Perhaps the larger size was due to a corrupt install? Anyway, all is well]


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