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Visual C++ permission denied using _fsopen (Visual Studio 2015)

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Dear Support,


My name is Lior & I've just purchased a 15 seats of your antivirus (several days ago).

My company is a start-up company in the field of Real-Time CRM & ERP. As such we build our own DB system.

We are building our product using the latest MS Visual Studio 2015, most of it written in visual c++ (unmanaged code).


Today we have experienced a new phenomenon in our system, "sometimes" it got a 'permission denied' when opening a file.

The system has a lot of threads using _beginthreadex, each of them can in some cases do an opening of some files and of-course read them.


The 'permission denied' is being received when using _fsopen(<FilePath>,"r+b", _SH_DENYNO);


To be sure it's the antivirus fault, I've built a stress agent which creates several threads and keeps on opening a file.

Because i'm using the _SH_DENYNO, even when more than one thread in the same time is using the file -> nothing happens,

but when the antivirus is on, it will re-produce.


My system is a MS 2012R2 Server, Visual Studio 2015 (both with all the updates available, running a regular Intel i5 CPU 32Gb ram & 256 SSD disk).


-- With the fantastic Israeli customer support team we already tried to exclude the extension of our DB files (which are ".ld") which didn't solve the problem.


Thanks in advance,

Lior Hermesh.

Boss Software Solutions 


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My system is a MS 2012R2 Server

Does NOD32 support this OS?


According to NOD32 requirements, it does not:


Operating System:

Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Microsoft Windows Home Server 2003, 2011.

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