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ESET ERA6 ports allow

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Hi guys,
I have ESET ERA6 virtuall appliance (Centos 7) and I have question - I want add this vm to our monitoring (zabbix). I installed in bash zabbix-agent. Zabbix agent is started and listen:

tcp        0      0     *                   LISTEN      1625/zabbix_agentd

but I dont had any data from agent. I tried use telnet, but I got no information.
Must I allow port 10050 in iptables (or another fw in linux) OR I must allow this port in ERA?

Another question - exist some template for Zabbix for monitoring ESET ERA?

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  • ESET Staff

Not sure what version of appliance you are using (there is no CentOS 7 based), but for latest released version 6.3.12 check file /root/firewall-ports.sh and add required iptables rules. One finished, run /root/firewall.sh or restart appliance. There is no other configuration required in ERA.

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