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slow imap delivery in OL 2013 w ESS 6.0.308

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I have always had slow IMAP delivery with Outlook 2013, configured for imap for gmail. I have been running ESET SS 6.0.308 and Win7 ultimate, for some time. What I am looking for is the 'push' functionality where new messages appear near-instantaneously in OL 2013. Instead, I wait for up to 5 minutes for new messages to synch in. 


I recently found an article here: hxxp://www.outlookforums.com/threads/88424-slow-receive-emails-outlook-2013-a/

which specifies steps to take in the _Microsoft_ Win7 firewall, which have been found to work by people in the thread, as follows: 


1) Navigate to the Windows Firewall options (Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall)2) Click "Advanced settings" on the left side.
3) Click "Inbound Rules" on the left side of the dialogue that opens.
4) Find a rule called "Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP-In)".
5) Right click it and select "Enable Rule".



Could someone walk me through the equivalent steps in the ESS firewall configuration? I am using the ESS Firewall, and I have tried completely turning off the Email, AntiSpam and AntiPhishing features, with no apparent effect. 


Thanks in advance for your help. 



Chris Younkman


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