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ESET Support Case Update: 1432917 | Known network detection via DNS Suffix


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Okay, so this is still a problem.  


This ERA 6.X software is probably some of the buggiest software I've used.  I have a strong feeling next year we will be replacing ESET another product.  I keep being pushed away when I bring up issues.  To top it off the Apache HTTP Proxy isn't even working correctly.  It's setup and three, yes three, ESET engineers helped me setup the Apache HTTP Proxy.  Well, we've seen over 30 GB of data being pulled from ESET's update servers, crushing our network, indicating this Apache HTTP Proxy doesn't work as described.  


I'm becoming tired of defending this 1700 node installation of ESET on our corporate network.  At some point it's going to be easier to replace it.

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