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Hello, long time no talk :P


Is this a legit email from ESET?  Should I click on the link 'View threats'?




I've been receiving a few lately after AGES of receiving no alerts at all!


I hope someone is able to advise as to what I should do.


Ta much :)

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Right then.  With all the online scams, I am concerned that these emails might not be legitimate and I thought I'd come to the right place to get advice considering that it's part of ESET's product.


Can someone at least let me know whether I should ignore the damn things!


Thanks, FWIW

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Hello Bella, nice seeing you again :)


I don't know if you use Facebook, Twitter etc.... But here's some links, they may not be relevant to you but they are all connected to the "social media scanner" in one way or the other.


 ESET Social Media Scanner FAQ


  1. What is ESET Social Media Scanner?
    ESET Social Media Scanner is an application independent from ESET antivirus products that is designed to protect you from malicious content distributed through social networks. ESET Social Media Scanner monitors new social media content and looks for malicious code. For example, wall postings containing links or media in your posts and from those you are following on Twitter.
  2. How does it work?
    ESET Social Media Scanner works primarily by monitoring your personal social media accounts. When malicious code is discovered by ESET Social Media Scanner, you will be alerted by a message from the scanner or by email. Additionally, ESET Social Media Scanner can be configured to call out malicious content by posting a comment that warns you and other users to avoid media that has been found to contain malicious code.

    The following is a list of the settings and features available:
    • Automatic scanning
    • Email notifications
    • Send a scan report when a threat is found
    • Send a scan report after on-demand scans
    • Warn authors of dangerous posts
    • Tweet scan results


ESET Social Media Scanner End Of Life announcement

(only applies for Facebook it seems)







BUT it would be good to know whether ESET actually sends out emails to users from "noreply(at)socialmediascanner.eset.com" with notifications like the one in your screenshot. ?


They at least mention in the FAQ (seen above) that users can be alerted by email. So I guess there is a chance your emails are legit and that the "social media scanner" only did its job on your Twitter profile like the email says, but I can't confirm that as I don't use it personally.

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You can disable receiving notifications if a threat has been found via the portal my.eset.com:







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