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Remote Console Service Starts and Stops - Can't get it working

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We have done 5 separate days full BMR restores of our Windows 2012R2 Server that runs SQL and ESET Remote Administrator and it doesn't work.


We have full backups from the 12th to 18th May when our Console was still working.

After any restore the Remote Console Service Starts and Stops

SQL and Apache running fine.


While we have been waiting for Eset to assist us we have tried many things, new installation with New DB, then just tried to copy some of the SQL Tables from the old DB across. 


We are desperate as we have 1400 nodes with custom policies, Static and Dynamic Groups as well as reports that we have spent months creating and we have been down since the 18th May and Eset cant help us 


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  • ESET Staff

Please check SERVER's trace logs located in C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Server\EraServerApplicationData\Logs\trace.log for possible problems.

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Hi Martin, you have seen the logs and worked on the server and Eset has been unable to get this resolved over 3 weeks now.


Based on this experience and Eset's total lock of knowledge of their own DB structure I am convinced now more than ever that there is no way this program and DB was designed and developed by Eset!!!


There is no Data dictionary for the DB.

The so called developers cant even tell me in which tables to find specific data.

These are just simple examples which I would consider maybe Tier 2 for the actual company that built this.


We have now done a restore from December 2015 lost 6 months worth of work and Eset cant get our certificates working.

Its a problem with version 6,1 of the Remote Administrator Console, which we were running in December as 6.3 wasn't released yet!!!   

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