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ESET Firewall & Shared Folders

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Good Day Team


I am currently using ESET Smart Security v9.0.381.0 and its giving me hard times with regard to my shared folders.


I am using the network share folder to scan from my printer to my pc. Every time when the Firewall is on I can't scan to my network folder from the printer but as soon as I disable the scans are coming through. Could anyone assist me with setup of the firewall to allow network shared folder hence this problem keeps on persisting.


Your prompt respond will be highly appreciated.,



Thank you

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When the firewall detects a new network, you are asked if it's trusted (home/office) or not (public). If you choose the former, any devices in the subnet will have sharing allowed. What is the IP address of your computer and the printer? If they are in the same subnet, do you see that network under "Known networks" in the advanced firewall setup?

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