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Can I use an unused 3u ESS2013/14 license code for v8, and...?

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1. I have both an unused 3u ESS2013 & 3u ESS2014 boxed licenses purchased from another vendor- Can I use either of these to upgrade my v8 license that will expire 6/17/2016?


2. If I enter the new code now, will my new code extend from 6/17/2016, or from date entered?-

Is there some way to enter the new code to do this "extended", so my protection will be uninterrupted?

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You should be able to use the unopened box. If I recall, because it is a boxed license, you would loose time (cannot extend your current license) because the system would view it as a "new" license. So you can use the new license on or slightly before you current expiration date.


Here is your previous post: https://forum.eset.com/topic/4890-13-days-notice/?p=29192


and some additional information:







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I'd suggest contacting ESET LLC and explaining them the situation. It may vary from country to country I'd say.

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