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Renewal Of Eset Endpoint AV V6


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We are about to renew for another year for our 11 windows PC's


When we have done this in the past we where on version 5 which uses a user name and password so when we renewed no changes where needed to the V5 on the pc's


When we upgraded to 6 we used the activation key, so after we renew do we have to reactivate again each station or will the renew for another automatically like V5 did ?


Regards and thanks for your time

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello jce,

If you retain the same license and you only renew it, there is no need to reactivate, the new expiration date will be loaded automatically by the product and it will continue to be activated till then.



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  • ESET Staff

Hi @jce,


You should try to use the ESET Remote Administrator to have a more easy

things on the network and some no-worries.

If need help with that, please start another thread on the right sub-forum.

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