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Bad Link to Update Server

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This morning I came in to find both of my ERACs, one in the USA, one in China unable to link with any of my clients. The errors within the event log are:


Column Name    Value
Primary Server    **-**-***-av01
Date Received    2016-05-17 12:14:59
Date Occurred    2016-05-17 12:12:23
Level              Critical Warning
Plugin    Update module
Event    Bad link to update server.

No changes have been made to the network, the servers, the ESXi host they are both on. I have rebooted them both to no avail. Plugin Name is Update module. I have no insight into why BOTH of these servers would stop meeting out updates at the same time.


i have spoken to the network team here - nothing has changed, but I still find it odd that they both went offline at the same time. I would assume that would point to something internal to the network, or port issue. I cant ping the update mirror address anymore - but I can ping the server itself.i was thinking maybe something along the lines of DNS?


Anyone else ever have an issue like this and if so - how did they resolve it?


Thanks All.



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What server do you have set in the update setup? If you use dual update profiles, post both the primary and secondary one.

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