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ESET Endpoint Security problem with Web Control


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I have single client (DELL M4500, Windows 10 Professional x64, ESET Endpoint Security 5.0.2260) that has problem with accessing HTTP and HTTPS content of web.

The client logs in and everything works fine. However after sometime, he is unable to access any web site. The only way that he can access HTTP/HTTPS is when I turn off Web Control.

This is specific only for this client and same for Wifi or LAN connection. Client had Windows 7 Professional x64 before upgrade to Windows 10 and had same problem.


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Hi @bbahes,


How many rules in Web control he has?


Remember, the order of the rules is important.


Single rule blocking based on Category.

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Do you try to generate some logs with Process Monitor and Wireshark to

see what is happening?


can you post the rule?


I will try to get procmon logs but nslookup returns positive answers from google dns. Also SMTPS and POP3S are working.

As for rules, I will post them later because there is no simple export from policy, as for attachment here It won't attach for some reason...

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