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TROJAN and MALWARE removal by ESET

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Recently I encounter a strange problem. I am valid user of ESET 32 NOD ANTIVIRUS 8, daily update. While I try to play a video, received a message of download CODECFIX.exe. Since, I believe that my system is up to date with protection, I proceed and file downloaded to my computer.I scan again with ESET and no threat detected. However, when I started to install, this file disable my USER ACOUNT CONTROL, I got alerted by myself, since its quite wiered. However, ESET did not give me any alert of virus,Trojan or malware. I quit installation and run system scan. All appeared OK. I reconfigure my UAC and restart computer and deleted all files manually, which are being created on concern date.


I want to know why ESET could not stop mentioned and secondly, with scanning three time, ESET did not detect any threat, so my computer is SAFE or not at that time? IS ESET is good against TROJANS and MALWARES?








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  • ESET Staff

Hi @ndqaiser,


First rule of all in antivirus topic: "There is no AV who can protect you 100%".


As I explain when I teach, the antivirus is one layer of protection against the malware

and (basic explanation here) works to reduce the probability of been infected.

The other layers are like:

  • have the Operative system with all updates and patched
  • Any software installed updated and patched
  • user education and behavior (the most important one).

Maybe you don't know but there are a version 9 of the product, and the next

product ESET Smart Security with other components for security.


Even if the antivirus (any of them) don't warn you, you should at least suspect

of what happening.

Play a video never downloads a file, and if offers that I cancel it.


No antivirus (any) can protect the user if the user is always clicking in "yes"

despite the warnings, let me explain :D



  1.  a pop-up says "You want to destroy the nuclear power plant?" (Yes/No)
  2. User clic on "yes"
  3. New pop-up says "Are you sure? there is no turning back! (Yes/No)
  4. User clic on "yes"
  5. Nuclear plant BOOMM!! :blink:

I saw in real life but not with a Nuclear plant, one user clic on "yes" despite

all warnings from the antivirus tell him was malware. The user compromise

the entire network. :(

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Ok thanks, GONZALO, for my learning. Now after scanning with ESET, no virus is detected, so does it mean system is SAFE or still unsafe, I found no suspicious activity and as per online support from ESET please note below mesage.



Note that the file in question could very well be fine. As per the Variants section here: https://www.reasoncoresecurity.com/codecfix.exe-8f3fe1f372d57164d86574a3fdd726e30d19bf28.aspx

There are many variants of the file in question, many of which are legitimate codec packs to allow you to play the video.


If the link was provided through your video player, it is more likely to be legitimate than if you searched for it online, as the video player would've likely had to be infected already in order to send you to a malicious location.


If you've done a full system scan using ESET, ensuring your definitions are up to date, and that you have the LiveGrid reputation system enabled to account for new and emerging threats, you should be safe.



So according to u its OK or need some corrective measures. Can you tell me what measures needed to be taken, in case if system is corrupted.

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