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So no offline installation packages for ERA 6.X either huh?

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How am I supposed to get it on a file server for acquired companies that don't yet have network connectivity?  I have a rip and replace package for Endpoint Security but there's no such thing for File Security. 


We like to get our security products on a newly acquired company before we bring them onto the network.

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Well, not a fan of this manual process. :-(


1) Use agent installer batch file (make sure to run as admin in elevated cmd prompt)

2) Push client software from ERAS to system after it starts reporting in the ERAS (this fails)

3) Install client software manually (this works)

3) Activate product with activation task


Edit: Well, I finally fixed the remote push.  I need to run two Apache HTTP proxy agents.  One locally and one in our DMZ.  I'm just using the same username/password for it so I can get away with one config.

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