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ESET RA 6 Policies

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Hello All,


I am curious to know if anyone has some best practices regarding policies with the ESET product? I have one in place now with my security product for my clients, but I am curious if I should deploy others as well.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @cdfosburg,


Depends in what you are intended to do.




Lets says we have an Enterprise "Nonexisting.com" with Marketing, Support, Call center, Accounting, Managers.


I create this groups with a Policy embedded using Web Control:


  • [OFF] Social network, email based on web, Internet search, movies, sex, porn, => Call Center
  • [On] Social Network, Internet search,  => Marketing, Managers
  • [On] Bank and financial sites, email based on web, chat, video => Accounting, Managers.
  • [On] Remote access, Wikis, Internet Search. => Support

I can also deploy X policy to an X computer if I want.


What you want to do?

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