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Agent connection timeout in the same subnet.

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Wa are in a process of setting up the new ERA server (v6.3), deployed from the ready to use applience for the website (running CentOS). But we encountered a strange error, clients that are in the same vlan as the server are getting connection timeouts, but clients that are in a different vlan are working fine. Agents are being deplyed via the live installers generated from the web console. We also disabled the firewall on the server, and right now we are running out of ideas.

Does it matter on which subnet do i generate and download the live installer from the web server? 


Ping is available from all vlan and its working fine, DNS is ok every PC can resolve the server name, ports are opened.


To visualize it more: 


Server is in vlan x.x.32.x


When a PC (running W7 64bit) is in the same vlan (x.x.32.x) we get timeouts

When I connect the same PC to different vlan (x.x.33.x) magic happens and the connection to server is established.


Any ideas? 


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