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We can't login the OA system since 2016.4.19

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病毒库: 13434 (20160504)

快速响应模块: 7958 (20160504)

更新模块: 1062 (20151228)

病毒和间谍软件扫描程序模块: 1483 (20160418)

高级启发式扫描模块: 1168 (20160304)

压缩文件支持模块: 1248 (20160329)

清除器模块: 1120 (20160401)

反隐藏支持模块: 1094 (20160119)

ESET SysInspector 模块: 1257 (20151113)

自我保护模块: 1018 (20100812)

文件系统实时防护模块: 1010 (20150806)

翻译支持模块: 1479 (20160422)

HIPS 支持模块: 1223 (20160419)

Internet 防护模块: 1226.29 (20160408)

数据库模块: 1080 (20160405)

Rootkit 删除和清除模块: 1001 (20160310)


Anyone can help ?

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It's not clear what product and version you use. If enabling pre-release updates in the advanced update setup doesn't make any difference, contact your local Customer care who will provide you with instructions how to create diagnostic logs for further analysis. If you can upgrade to Endpoint v6, you will simply enable advanced protocol filtering logging in the Tools -> Diagnostic setup.

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I have contact chinese support team, but they said they mailed eset.com on 4/20/2015, but haven't get any response yet. I also mailed them the diagnostic logs. I have tried Endpoint v6, but after update, it has the same problem.

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