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Can't get rid of client

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I am having a problem "getting rid of" a few client systems belonging to a former client.   They installed new AV software on most of their computers, but I still have 5 of them (all Windows 7) who are showing in the ERA (Version 5x).

I tried to push out a task, changing their configuration to "Unmanaged" but the Task always ends in error, saying:


"No task for this client".


I have tried merely deleting these clients manually, but they always reappear after a short while.


I no long have a relationship with this company and am no longer charging them for these licenses.   How can I free these MSP licenses up for use elsewhere?





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Since you are using ERA v5, it must be that the clients still have Endpoint installed and configured to connect to ERAS. Have you tried sending an uninstall task to them? Did it end with the same "No task for this client" message?


If you have more information about why the client decided to change the AV, I would be grateful for sharing it with us.

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I don't know that they installed a different brand of AV, just that they no longer deal with my company.   As a result, I would like their systems removed from my ERA, so I can use the licenses for paying clients.

I will have to research how to create an "Uninstall" task - not seeing that in the ERA under "New Task".

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Since I no longer have a relationship with the client, I no longer have the ability to login/configure their systems.   A push uninstall yields this:


     "Could not set up IPC connection to target computer (SC error code 6, GLE error code 53)"


Anyway, I am not so much interested in uninstalling the ESET as I am removing them as systems reporting to MY ERAS.


Seems to me that, in a situation like this, where a client no longer pays for their licensing, an MSP should at least be able to cut off their administration access.   This would set the ESET to want them that their licensing has expired, making them more likely to contact ESET and buy licensing, rather than shop for another product.


Why should I pay for them to continuously use my licensing, when they no longer pay me for it?


The ERAS should allow me to block systems from reporting to my server, thereby cutting off management and licensing...

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I tried this from a different angle.   Obviously I misunderstood something along the way.   I like the ESET management products, but am not what I'd call an expert yet.


Earlier, I created a new Configuration Task, changing only the setting that told the clients to report to my ERAS.    I saved the .xml and sent out the task, receiving only the message:   "No task for this client".       I am wondering if I had somehow misconfigured the configuration file and effectively pushed out no changes.


Just now, I requested the configuration information from one of the client machines, and Saved and Opened it with configuration editor.   Changed the settings for Remote Admin and saved, then pushed THAT one out.   It was successful for all 5 client machines, and I am now able to delete them and not have them come back to my client list after 10 minutes.


Anyway, not sure what I did wrong, but it's all better!

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