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ESET Parental Control deactivated from Android

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Hi ESET Support


I installed Norton Family Parental Control on my son (12 years old) device with Android 4.3 until I saw it was deactivated, somehow, anyway very disappointing.

So searching for Parental Control applications on the web I found ESET has timing and timer features that are great with applications categories. ESET Parental Control was working great for around 2 weeks so on saturday I decided to pay the License to get a full year kid protection.


On Sunday my kid was playing after 8 PM when he should be at bed with no games available on his phone. For my surprise ESET PC is deactivated, like not setup !!!

I came to the web to check if any alert from ESET, nothing, shows my kid is safe !!!

Well somehow, the ESET PC application was deactivated without any alert, nothing. So I need your support asap as I have serious problems with kid play times etc.

Please your support and or suggestions are required as soon as possible. Thanks


BR Victor


I attach pictures for your review.



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I had a similar problem:
Parental Control was always terminated after the mobile swiches to standby (display off). So the protection for the kid was gone...
(It's a Huawei Y6 with Android 5.1)

I found the reason in the Settings of Android. It's crucial to define the Parental-Control as a "Protected App" to have it running even in standby.
Works well - in my case.
Hope it helps.


Perhaps check administrative permissions for the Parental-Control also...


Best regards

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So what was actually deactivated? The mobile or the PC parental control?

In case it is the latter you should have posted this in the appropriate section (ESS I think); because this is the mobile section. But probably a moderator can move it around.

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Bumping this because I am very sad to find that my own topic on a similar issue did not get approved, when people need to be aware of it, your tech support guy was really good with the situation tbh he remoted into the device, for me to show him the issue, and actually advised me to purchase a product from someone else and apologised your product did not work.


In Android 6.0 on my sisters new Motorola Moto E, the traditional "Browser" application wasn't installed and Chrome was the native browser, I enabled the "data saver" option in the app to save her some data,


Now the web blocking no longer works, because the device is sending all of the data to google to be compressed before it comes back to you, kinda like the vpn eset use to protect the device in the first place.

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I am having the same problem with my sons Huawei P 9 lite. I just received the following response from Eset- support (BTW: Thanks to support for the very fast response!!):



Huawei for some models integrated system task battery manager which kills every app which is not used for some time.

We are working from background…


Solution is to manual change this settings in child device:

Settings/Advance Settings/Battery manager/ Protected apps



Please let us know if this helped .


I will try this later and post my experience.

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Well the problem is in the battery saving mode. Android have different rights on different devices and system versions, it's a mess and therefore on some phones it's enough to turn on and off the battery saving mode and boom: eset parental control eset mobile security but also Kaspersky ;) is off. Basically everything :D . So it's sad. I wanted to have a time limit for myself (my sister have the PIN), and I found so big bug there it's not usable. HUAWEI phones should have power settings for apps, I have LENOVO and even thou I tried to change similar settings, no help :( .

If I'm correct, I can install old android without these great but maybe TOO powerful features :D . Is it possible to make warning window: "Please turn on the parental control" indestructible by disabling back and other system buttons? Like you are really forced to turn it on. It should help. And jump immediately.

So, what you can do now is simply turn battery saving on and off, than uninstall parental control :)

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3 minutes ago, black said:

Nuž, problém je v zapnutí úsporného režimu batérie.

Since this is an English forum, we kindly ask you to post in English. A Slovak forum for consumer products for mobile devices is available at https://forum.eset.com/forum/75-produkty-pre-mobilné-zariadenia/.

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