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Setting up a DEV/Test server, how does licensing work?

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I'd imagine you'd use the same licensing information and just don't exceed your total seat count between dev/test and production.  That's how I'm handling it between ERA 5.X and ERA 6.X.  I'm not happy enough with ERA 6.X to migrate all of my endpoints yet.  It's missing too many common sense features.  So I'm having to run ERA systems in parallel.  I have less than 5% of my clients on 6.X.

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Hello cpetry. Sorry to hijack the discussion, but what are the common sense features ERA V6 is missing? I am curious to hear problems from real users, that we are not able to solve, however the old generation was. You can send me a PM, if you prefer that way.

Concerning the licensing, you can easily use the same license on your test and production server, however as cpetry mentioned, you have to take care of not exceeding the license.

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Well today alone I wasn't able to push my policies back to an endpoint. I really hate that.  I figured it would be enforced but it didn't seem to be at all.  I ended up having to get a co-worker to export his config so I could import it into my endpoint.  I imported a config sent by ESET support for some firewall rules (you can't export and import *just* firewall rules, which is also unrealistic).


I also couldn't uninstall ESET Endpoint Security from a users machine.  So I had to pull the password from the endpoint via policy and then she was able to uninstall it so I could then push it again.  


Also, it doesn't seem you can download an MSI installer with the config like you could in ERA 5.X.  I was able to give that to my service desk.  Thankfully, ESET support gave me a year license for rip and replace so I can give that to my service desk for new deployments.  I was having way too many issues "upgrading" clients from 5.X to 6.X.  


After finding this latest issue with the Endpoint Security firewall and RSOP I'm waiting to hear back from support on what actual firewall rules are needed so I can key those into my policy by hand.  I would you could selectively export/import rules into the firewall.  


I'm honestly not sure why you guys are so shocked people don't like ERA 6.X.  I mean one guy in another thread said "it's like they fired their best software developer" and it's funny he said that because I literally said the same thing to a co-worker not long ago while driving to lunch with them.


So I'm not the only customer who feels this way.


Edit: Also, I have to use ERA 5.X to even use that rip and replace because ERA 6.X doesn't support custom packages... -_-

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