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Unable to update endpoint from 5 to 6 via ERA6


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Today I have upadated agent on one of computeres where is installed EEA 5. When I tried to push update via ERA 6 after a while I get status: Task failed, try to install manually. But I really dont want to do this manually... :)

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  • ESET Staff

What task has failed? Software install task of the Endpoint 6?

Then, what I would recommend, is to try to use "software uninstall" task to remove the old Endpoint, restart the computer, and install Endpoint 6.

Sometimes, task fails, as there is for example pending restart, for example after installation of Windows updates, which prevents the installation of ESET product. You can reboot the machine and try again. If that does not help, try the above mentioned suggestion.

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One of my biggest complaints with ESET is the installation process.  It's a straight up battle repairing a damaged ESET installation.  I've noticed on some systems the installation "decays" and if you attempt to reinstall it, it will fail.  The only solution for me is to have the user boot up into safe mode and run the ESETUninstaller.exe app.  


It's to a point where I'm afraid to upgrade any of my clients to a newer build.  My fear is they won't upgrade correctly, they'll become damaged, won't report back or worse will uninstall and then I will need field support to visit the endpoint/user.  


The installation process is exactly why I block PCU's for ESET.  I have clients running on very old builds of 5.X because of it.


I've seen ESET randomly disappear from a system before.  This happens more often with the file security version 4.5 software.  


I have a damaged installation of file security on a server right now I need to repair.  I have to boot the VM up into safe mode, run ESETUninstaller and reinstall it.

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