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ESET Mail Security and message headers

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ESET Mail Security for Exchange 6.3.10005.2 with default settings add headers to all scanned outgoing messages:


Old-x-esetresult: clean, is OK
Old-x-esetid: 37303A29ACF7C96F67726A
X-EsetResult: clean, is OK
X-EsetId: 37303A29ACF7C96F67726A


In Mail transport protection I can fully disable it using "Write scan results to message headers" setting.

But it is usefull to view headers for incoming messages


Is it possible to add ESET headers only to incoming messages?


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Did you ever resolve this? I am having an issue where these tags are causing conflicts and multiple versions of each email.

I am looking for a way to prevent these tags being applied to all messages, but have found nothing yet.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi CraigB,

setting "Write scan results to message headers" can only be enabled/disabled, you cannot choose any subset of messages (e.g. incomming). If these headers are causing you problems then you will have to disable them completely.

If you still want to keep the scan results in headers, then you could create some custom rules. Something like this:

Internal message: False
Antispam scan result: Spam

Add header field: "X-MY-AS-HEADER: SPAM"
Evaluate other rules

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