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Trusted Zones for Personal Firewall?


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How do people normally add their domain to the trusted zones list?  I don't want the personal firewall blocking connectivity for domain.local to domain.local connections but I still want the network filtering to take place.  Does the network filtering logic still apply for a trusted zone?  By logic I mean IDS & network scanner (for file coders, etc).


I was going to just add domain.local and list each DNS server (each DC) but we have over a dozen sites and I'd like to know how other large corporations handle the personal firewall.  I'd like to leave it on automatic and still gain the benefit of listing all networks not in the trusted zones list as public. 


It also wouldn't let me list more than one DNS server in the "add zone" pop-up under trusted zones.


The only thing I can think of being blocked based on unsolicited incoming connections for workstations would be our remote admin tools. 


If we do list things as a trusted zone is there anyway to report on what would have been blocked but wasn't? 


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