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Triggers, we need timed and scheduled triggers

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So...   It appears that each time a policy refresh occurs our user's are getting disconnected from active RDP sessions.    I've re-written the RDP rules a bit so maybe this will change with the new rules.


If I had a timer that would allow a policy to be refreshed at X each day, this would no longer be an issue.  I could split each policy into specific timed refreshes or count down type refreshes.


Outside of that...


Have you seen this behavior before?



The RDP session is not coming from an IP in the trusted Zone.   It is coming from another defined zone which I've written RDP allow rules for.



A second question is:



Also what is the syntax to write an allow rule to ALL IPs?   is that or is it something else. 

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Hopefully this addresses your question -- we do have an Online Help topic with information for scheduling Triggers: hxxp://help.eset.com/era_admin/63/en-US/index.html?admin_ct_executions_trigger.htm


We link to that topic from the "How to create a Trigger..." KB article hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5790/#Trigger


You can set the Triggers to do X each day. 

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