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Text in the body "aypasesores.com" eset block the email


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In the company where I work we have installed ESET Mail Security 6 and have problems receiving emails when
in the body of the message it contains the text "aypasesores.com". The information that shows is that the URL "aypasesores.com"
It is on the blacklist. After adding it to the whitelist of domains we still blocking emails.

Because the URL is on the blacklist? Only by adding the text in the mail body eset block the mail :blink:


Thanks!!!! :)

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Hi @ricarMAD,


Wait for someone from ESET to reply to you.

In the meantime, I suggest check that particular domain is not blacklisted

on the Internet servers or those who manage the global blacklists.



I searched the domain in the global blacklists but I have not found the domain....I also searched in which support for emailing and have not detected any blocked...


Thanks Gonzalo Alvarez!

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