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Trusted zone not detected on WiFi


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I am having problem with Eset Endpoint Security 5.0.2260 and Trusted zone detection.

We have several rules that apply to Trusted zone we configured (subnet+default gateway+dhcp+dns).

Things work well when client is connected to LAN (/24 subnet) but when connected to WiFi (same physical network, same /24 subnet) rules that have Trusted zone as  don't work.

I've also created additional Trusted zone for WiFi, filling "When wireless SSID is:" and checking "When connection is secured", but no effect.


How can I force client to detect Trusted zone correctly?

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No one replied so I was forced to implement quick fix and use ESET Authentication Server for zone authentication. This works both on LAN and WLAN.


Also, since I'm testing v6 virtual appliance, can someone from ESET staff answer, is there a ESET Authentication Server version available for virtual appliance or do I have to have licensed Windows Server just to use ESET Authentication Server, given the problem I have with zone authentication.



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