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Activation question

Guest Kevin

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Hi, I've bought a key of Smart Security for 3 computers' use. Now I've got a MacBook Air, so is it possible that I activate Cyber Security(Pro) using that Smart Security? Anyone who can answer me?


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Here is the way I understand it:

Buy Smart Security = Windows only

Buy Cyber Security + Mac only

Buy Mobile Security = Only for whichever you purchased it for (Android or Windows Mobile or Symbian)

Buy Family Security Pack = For Windows and Mac and Android 


So basically if you purchased a 3 computer license of Smart Security, that is Windows only...



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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Kevin,


yes you can use ESET Smart Security license on your MacBook Air and activate there Cyber Security(Pro).

This is thanks to our unilicense policy, you could read more about it here.

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