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Apple Quick Time exploit


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So, there's supposedly an exploit to Apple Quick Time that has every one, including the government saying we should immediately uninstall Quick Time.

From what I understand, the exploit relies on Quick Time (V7.3 and higher) playing content that causes malware to be loaded.


I have a number of programs that need to have QT running so I can't really afford to summarily uninstall it.


Fortunately, I and the programs I use don't need to use the external-media playing functions of QT. That, and I've disabled it as a default multi-media player in general.

My question is what are the known workarounds are available until ESET has either protection implemented or a statement regarding protection availability.


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To my best knowledge, no real malware has been seen yet to exploit this vulnerability. If I recall correctly, Apple suggests to uninstall QuickTime as a preventive measure.

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