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Device Control Blocking "fixed HDD"


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I have the device control (EEA V6.3) running on rule "All Device types" action "Block" users "ALL" logging "Informative" then unblock all the allowed devices individually.


I'm having an issue when installing Windows 10 ESET is coming up with the attached message and the install fail's


I've checked the Device control log on the PC and it's not populating and I’m unable to find anywhere on ERA 6 to see where the devices are logged (which used to be under device control log on ERA5).


Can anyone suggest how to create an allow for internal HDD's


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All Device types = all devices (this means com, Serial and also intern Connections)

You must first Setup the allowed devices and than at least the "all forbidden"

I prefer to block only the USB devices not all devices.


EDIT: if you realy want to block all devices, do a policy "all devices" allowed + logging to find all devices on eras in the loggs and than create a Group of the allowed devices (with Serial)

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