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Threatsense updates page/information


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It seems the old threatsense update page with its simple design and search function is gone from the U.S. website after the new layout design was implemented. Or is it just me that can't find it ?


This is all I find, and a link to the Virus Radar page.



I miss the old simple threatsense updates page....



...since we 1) don't need to click on each update to expand the list, and 2) we can also search and relevant result will be highlighted in the VSD updates containing the search term.


On the new page we have to click on each update to expand the list, and there's also no search function (except month/year) like the one on the old page above.



So I wonder two things.

1). How long will the old simple threatsense updates page stay with us ?

2). Any plans to improve the new VSD updates page on the Virus Radar site with some functions from the old page ?


I have bookmarked the old threatsense updates page (on the canadian ? site) so I know where to find it if I need it. ^_^

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