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Virus signature database - Undocumented serious error (0x101a)

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Hi Everyone


My first question/contribution to this forum please:


I'm using Smart Security 8 - have done so for without problems until today..


But today, under Update menu, I’ m getting:


Virus signature database update ended with an error

Undocumented serious error (0x101a)


Product update Installed version: 8.0.319.0 is up to date



What's happening please? Solution?


Please help this senior Luddite.



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First of all, I'd recommend downloading and installing ESS v9 from our website www.eset.com. Should the problem persist, I'll provide you with instructions how to create a diagnostic log for further analysis.

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Hi Marcos


Apology for not responding earlier ...


Thanks for your assistance but the problem seems to be fixed now without my intervention, after 1-2 days.


I suspect someone was updating the virus signature DB but could have done it better.





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