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ESET Smart Security 9.0.375.0 Windows 1- pro X64 issues

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So I've done several fresh installs of windows 10 pro X64 on identical machines and installed ESET on 1/2 of then. Unfortunately the machines that have ESET Smart Security seem to experience the following issues.


1. I cant view any file properties when I right click and choose properties nothing happens on the machines with smart security on them

2. Random crashing of the Windows 10 start button. Everything else works but windows 10 start button wont open up. If I go in to task manager and restart explorer.exe I'm back but for how long I don't know. Its a shoot.


Either way we use smart security on 5+ machines and I'm now having to consider not using it on any as I cant survive with this bug / issue.


I really don't want to hear (re install windows 10 again) or this is a windows 10 bug. Its not I've done around 50+ fresh installs from completely formatted hard drives and this issue only every crops up once smart security is installed. Its 100% an issue with the software. I've done every singe Windows 10 tweak to try and resolve this but still no luck.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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