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Is it just me (having a senior moment :unsure:) or has the background color of the Moderator posts been deleted? I thought they were a pale green. I see Staff posts are a pinkish background.


EDIT 12:06PM EDT-I also just noticed the Moderator Team list is blank.

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Hi Tom,


     No...you're not having a 'senior' moment.  If you were...I'd be in the same boat with you!


I too see the Moderating Team list is blank,and Moderator posts do not have that pale green color either.

I've noticed over the last 2 days, that there have been some extended periods where this forum was completely down.  I checked the server status and the results confirmed it.  I could access the Knowledgebase and another ESET area...just not this forum.


Maybe one of the staff can enlighten us? ;)





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