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Installing ESET remote Administrator 6 on Amazon AWS

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Will this work?   What will my client push options be since it is not connected to our domain?


We have an ESET ERA Proxy in a cloud provider similar to AWS. Strict (very strict) firewall rules on both ends allow the proxy to communicate with global clients and our internal ERA server. When we push custom software, we push from a cloud-based repository. When we push ESET, we don't specify a repository and just use ESET's repo.


For DNS, we have a static DNS entry for our cloud based server pointing to our internal server. In other words, we took the cloud proxy DNS name, made a static DNS entry internal for it and pointed that entry to our internal proxy. That way, clients on prem attempt to resolve the external DNS entry and get the internal server. When they leave premise, they resolve the external IP.


Been working great. Clients leave the company for the day, go home, and check right back in to the server.

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  • ESET Staff

Push install won´t work in this case. What you will be able to do, is to export the agent live installers, or create MST.files, that you can distribute using GPO, or some other tool.

For the next release of ERA, we are preparing a new option, that will allow you to generate a pre-configured installer combining agent + Endpoint, which one when installed will connect to a target ERA server. Standalone push-install utility is in the works as well, however without a target release date (as it will be a standalone tool it might be released anytime, when finished). That would be a valid solution for this use-case. 

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