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Endpoint new build confusion.

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I have checked on download portal that new build 6.3.2016.2 of Endpoint is available with some different languages but in English the build available is 6.3.2016.0


Is there any difference in both build?


I am asking because one of my user has installed EES 6.3.2016.0 and suddenly his firewall started showing non functional, we have reported this issue to support[at]eset.com and waiting for reply.


Meanwhile my user has checked with New Zealand support as some of workstations are facing same problem in his New Zealand branch. So the New Zealand support says that this issue is resolved in new build 6.3.2016.2.


Please check and confirm about it.



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The very last number identifies either a different localization build when the code is same and only changes in the resource files were made or if newer version of modules were included in the installer.


As for the firewall issue, please provide information about the OS and platform as well as the output of the following commands run from the command prompt with admin. rights:

sq query epfw

sq qc epfw


sq query epfwlwf

sq qc epfwlwf


sq query epfwwfp

sq qc epfwwfp

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