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Mail Security 4.5.1 and Exchange Server 2010 Quarantine Mails not moving to Mailbox

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I am configuring ESET Mail security (4.5.10011) for Exchange Server 2010.


I set Antispam Protection -> MS Exchange Server -> Transport Agent action as Quarantine Message. And I have a rule if a subject matches specific word quarantine the message. (Take action for unsolidated email: Quarantine file)

My issue is the mail is not receiving by the exchange quarantine Mailbox. I have already created the Exchange quarantine mailbox. (Set-ContentFilterConfig -QuarantineMailbox spamMailbox@domain.com

Please assist..

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   You have three options here to manage quarenting what Eset Mail Security for Exchange (EMSX) marks as spam. Option one is to allow us to mark it and posh it through where Outlook will redirect it (option 1). The second choice is to allow EMSX to quarentine it directly (Option 2). The third is to have EMSX mark it and Exchange will manage the mails quarentine (option 3).

For option 1, I would direct you this article for step by step instructions on setting up the process:


For option 2, You have a bit of it already configured by telling it where to quarentine to (per your example, spamMailbox@domain.com). To do that, open the EMSX and go to the advanced settings. drill down to Server protection>Microsoft Exchange Server>Message Quarentine and in the top field (Common message quarentine) put in the mailbox you want it to go to. The default action if there is no mailbox there is to do No action (same screen, drop down at the bottom).

For option 3, the manual addresses it particularlaly well (link on page hxxp://www.eset.com/us/download/business/detail/family/50/?installer=offline) on pg.16 (section 2.9).

It sounds like you want option 2, but need only to tell it where to put the mail.

Let me know (by replying to this thread or direct PM) if I can help further.




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