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Blocking file types with ESET Mail Security for Linux

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Hallo together,


i want to block certain file types like .bat, .exe, .pif (... packed in a zip file) and so on with Eset Mail Security for Linux (we are running version 4.0.10 installed on a debian based linux).

User Marcos wrote in post https://forum.eset.com/topic/7247-future-wish-email-client-protection/?p=39212that it is possible to do so, but i have no idea where to configure this.

I didn't find anything in the user manual or in the config file. Or in this forum :(

Esets update mechanism says, there is an update available to version 4.5.3, but i think 4.5.3 is not v6 :)



Can someone please help me?


Thanks and best regards






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Hello mmww,


unfortunately version 4.x doesn't support blocking of file types yet. It's planned for version 6, which is planned for 2017.


Thank you for understanding. 

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