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ERA template - IP public based

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In earlier versions of ERA, we can set a network rule, based on public IP. Now, with ERA 6, in templates, I just can set a rule based on computer network adapter IP (LAN IP)


So, I can't differentiate if a computer is inside or outside my internal network, because it could has the same IP addressing behind the NAT that my internal network.


You can say: - Hey, make a different cert for the computers you need to differentiate! -, but that's not the solution, because I want computers to get internal policys if they are inside the network, and get external policys if they are outside.


You can say too, that use DNS servers item, but anybody can change it. 


So, I would like to know, if it's possible to include in the template items (in a future version), the item "IP public".









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neither agent neither ERA console is able to manage anything with public ip of the computer.

this is a big point for me too, but their is no solution for now.

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