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postfix amavis email security

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i have 2 servers

one with postifx

one with amavisd-new


i want buy eset email security for linux , but i want install it on other server


so can you tell me if its possible to connect amavisd-new with eset email security on ip and not on localhost


i known experimental module :


"Experimental, based on posting from Rado Dibarbora (Dibo) on 2002-05-31"


but is it deprecated ?


thank you



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Why would you use AMAVISD anyway ??


From the Documentation



AMaViS (A Mail Virus Scanner) is a tool that interfaces your MTA with several antivirus scanners. It supports various MTAs and
comes in three branches:
. Only the amavisd-new branch is supported. AMaViS cooperates with
ESET Mail Security by using
. Before explaining the AMaViS configurations, the impact of the ESET Mail Security
functionality method is described. AMaViS does not allow scanned email message modification and denies ESETS access to clean
or delete infected email attachments. As a result, the ESETS footnote with log and status dependent header fields will not be
written into the email message. Also, AMaViS does not provide mail sender/recipient information. Due to this, user specific
configurations are unavailable and advanced mail handling features (accept, defer, discard, reject) are limited for
Lastly, AMaViS only scans files; it cannot use the ESETS antispam engine.
Taking into account these drawbacks, content filtering using AMaViS is recommended only if the system administrator does not
require the features discussed above.
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Hello nordlead,


It's not possible to use a dedicated server for EMSL, it must be installed on the same server as your MTA or amavisd-new.

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